Join us on the upcoming Mongolia China Tour 2019 April 13th - 27th

Posted by Grandmaster Gary Khor on 1 Feb 2019

Join Grandmaster Gary Khor on an amazing tour of China. AATC's Tour China will take you to the very heart of China, where you'll see things you've never even imagined... Travelling with AATC is an amazing, fun-filled adventure.

Explore the beautiful landscae and discover the mystical culture of Mongolia. Tour nature's wonderland! The tour itinerary is personally selected by Grandmaster Khor, visiting only worthwhile sights with particular focus on history and culture meaningful to you.

INNER MONGOLIA is fascinating for its unique natural landscape. Clear bright sky, extensive magnificent grassland, fresh air, cattle and sheep flocks present incredible photogenic scenes. Situated in Northern China, bordering Russia and Outer Mongolia. Its grassland is among the best in the world. There are fa-mous deserts like Badanjilin Desert, Tenger Desert and Resonant Sand Bay. Famous lakes such as Hulun Lake and Lake Bell. Mongols a nomadic tribe under Genghis Khan created the largest empire in the world. PINGYAO ‘ancient city’, famed for centuries-old architecture and China’s first bank. An outstanding Han Chinese city of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Pingyao is the birthplace of the Jin merchants and the earliest bank in the Ming and Qing dynasties. PLUS Great Wall * Skywalk Glass Bridge * Chen Tai Chi Village* River Cruise * UNESCO Geopark * Water city * Lama Monastry * Exquisite Cusines & Banquets.

Training with local masters, in-depth sightseeing, sumptuous Chinese health cuisine, and exquisite shopping. A truly cultural experience. Traveling with the Academy is a fun fullfilled adventure. You are never lonely or neglected. You are with CARING FRIENDS! It is like traveling with an extended family. There is always someone to share your delights and excitments.

With Grandmaster Khor leading the tour, you can truly relax, knowing that you are always in safe hands in China.

Flights, Hotels, Meals, SIghtseeing all included, Book now with a $500 to secure a spot. Send an e-mail below or contact (02) 9797 9355

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